2023 Scale to $1M Boot-Up Camp Cohort

Meet the ventures enrolled in the 2023 Scale to $1M Boot-Up Camp

Self Defense Academy Colorado Springs Is a Jiu-Jitsu training studio offering a holistic approach to training. Focusing on a combination of psychological, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Sign up for a FREE introductory Adult or Youth Class online.

SendMyGear is a digital logistics (SAAS) platform that provides simplified shipping for adventure travelers. A one-stop for shipping labels, instructions, supplies, and enhanced insurance options for their adventure shipping needs.

Dart Wars is a family-friendly foam dart battle arena. With a variety of blasters each session is uniquely fun. They recently opened their second location in north Colorado Springs and are looking to expand their operations nation-wide via their franchising opportunities.

Beaconox is a technology company innovating the way athletes pace themselves during training. They have developed a computerized training system, allowing athletes to train at a perfect pace.

Beeable believes everyone has a unique set of abilities, skills, and circumstances that, with a little creativity, can be used to transform your life into a life worth living. Offering a variety of health and wellness coaching, Beeables mission is to help you create a joy-filled life.

Outpost was founded on the belief that refilling plastic items when given the option is a superior choice both economically and ecologically. By providing refill stations on college campuses they aim to make the sustainable choice as easy and convenient as possible.

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