2023 Cohort


Beeable Coaching

Offering a variety of health and wellness coaching, Beeables mission is to help you create a joy-filled life.

Send My Gear

SendMyGear is a digital logistics (SAAS) platform that provides simplified shipping for adventure travelers.

Self Defense Academy COS

Self Defense Academy Colorado Springs Is a Jiu-Jitsu training studio offering a holistic approach to training.


Providing refill stations on college campuses they aim to make the sustainable choice as easy and convenient as possible.

Dart Wars

Dart Wars is a family-friendly foam dart battle arena. With a variety of blasters, each session is uniquely fun.


Beaconox is a technology company innovating the way athletes pace themselves during training. They have developed a computerized training system, allowing athletes to train at a perfect pace.

2022 Cohort


Wear Bands

WearBands™ recruits and activates more muscle over a longer period of time while doing virtually anything.

Salt Athletic

Utilizing proprietary technology mixed with luxury design to create the world’s freshest, most advanced cleat bag.

Linkup Point

Linkup Point is the sports and recreation focused social network that helps find partners, mentors, guides, trips, and information.

Forevergreen Tech

Developing & democratize access to novel climate tech inventions to make the world a better place.

2021 Cohort


Neuroathlete Clinic

Neuro Athlete Chiro

Our master trainer and team work directly with the nervous system to improve the entire body’s performance.



Connecting hunters with landowners to make hunting on private land more efficient.

Lead Foot Racing

Created to offer the safest and most affordable way to  get into nearly any racing format.

Altitude Ninja Gym

Where you play to build strength, coordination, confidence, and mental toughness so you are ready to conquer any obstacle!

Momentum Training Center

Momentum Training Center

A post-rehab and performance facility where fitness professionals are educated to develop safe and effective exercise programs. 

Defender Imports

Defender Imports

A Colorado-based business specializing in the importation and restoration of classic Land Rover Defenders. Focused on rugged aesthetics and rooted in our love for classic Land Rovers

Globbr Co.

Globbr Co.

SportsTech startup, building a chain of in-school retail kiosks to offer cost-effective school fan apparel, connecting teams to fans with a data-driven shopping experience.

Forevergreen Tech

Working to automate all in-market workflows utilized by farmers’ markets. Streamlining the processes used to connect managers, vendors, and customers in one system.

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