Scale to $1M Startup Program

Grow your startup into a $1 million business in six months.


  • A cohort learning experience, on your schedule.
  • Innovative curriculum, on your time.
  • One-on-one mentorship, anywhere in the world.

What is the scale to $1m startup Program?


The Scale to $1M Startup Program is a pre-accelerator education and mentorship program.  The program is designed to provide early stage startups with expertise and support to help them grow. The six-month online program will enable founders to scale their companies to an estimated valuation of $1 million or more.  And, founders do not have to give up equity.


Accepted startups will learn and grow in our virtual environment. The program structure also includes a mix of on-demand learning and one-on-one mentorship.  Staff and mentors will help founders track key drivers in their industry.   Additionally, the program includes monthly progress pitches and ends with an investor Demo Day.


Overall, we nurture startups for growth and prepare them for their first investor pitch.

scale to $1 million in 2021

Current program application is now closed. Request updates of when the next cohort application opens.

program value and benefits

This cohort program is uniquely designed to empower entrepreneurs to grow your early-stage startup. All program components are hands-on, action-oriented, and tailored for you to progressively scale. The fully online program is completed on your time and schedule, anywhere in the world. 

Program Value Includes:
  • Seasoned instructors who have real-world knowledge and experience
  • Concepts that can be immediately applied
  • Action-oriented tools, resources, and templates
  • Startup culture language, norms, and expectations
  • Expertise and support
  • Experienced mentors
  • Peer startups in your industry
Program Intended Outcomes:
  • Enhanced organizational structure designed for scaling
  • Defined competitive advantage
  • Clear product-market fit
  • Go-to-market and sales strategy
  • Best practices-based execution strategy
  • Customer validation and confirmation
  • Establishment of an operational platform tuned for scaling
Program Includes:
  • On-demand weekly curriculum, divided into short modules (online)
  • Weekly activities related to scaling your startup
  • Action-oriented templates, resources, and tools
  • Dedicated mentor with weekly one-on-one meetings (online)
  • Monthly progress pitches (online)
  • Assessment, measurement, and metrics
  • Demo day pitch to investors at the end of the program (online)
  • Participation in a global entrepreneurial ecosystem

Program at a glance

Innovative Learning

  • Proprietary learning content to immediately apply.
  • Weekly one-hour modules, each segmented into three, 20-minute topics.
  • Real-word-tested tools and templates.
  • Easy-to-navigate learning environment.
  • View the 2021 program schedule and modules.

Monthly Progress Pitches

  • Monthly progress pitches using our proprietary technique.
  • Useful feedback from peers and mentors.
  • Track progress and gain pitch experience.


  • Each participating venture is matched with a mentor.
  • Weekly one-on-one mentor meetings (online).
  • Gain insight and feedback from seasoned mentors.

Small Peer Groups

  • Cohort ventures are divided into smaller peer groups.
  • Provides discussion, feedback, encouragement, and collaboration.
  • Form strong relationships and build a peer network.

Who should apply?

This program is intended for entrepreneurs who have the ambition to scale, gain confidence, and strengthen their investor pitch. Successful graduates will be more prepared for serious investor pitches and to apply for accelerators.


This program will facilitate scaling for innovative early, pre-seed, seed, pre-investment, or first stage startups with an estimated valuation of $0 – $900K. Furthermore, accepted ventures must be beyond the idea stage and have a prototype or MVP, high-growth potential, and the ambition to scale.


The Colorado Springs-based EPIIC Venture Attractor is focused on industry sectors that relate to a healthy and active human lifestyle. Accepted program startup ventures must be in one or more of the following sectors:

  • Sports and outdoors
  • Health innovation
  • Human performance

Accepted sub-categories include wellness, fitness, nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.

Program dates and timing

The Scale to $1M Startup Program begins May 2021.


Application opens: January 15
Application deadline: March 17 (11:59 pm MST)
Review and selection: March 18 – April 20
Notification: Mid-April
Program onboarding: April 26-30
Program start: May 3
Program end: October 29

** Dates are subject to change

program registration fees

2021 Program Fee: $2,900 USD

2021 Discounted Fee: $2,600 USD*

*University of Colorado alumni, students, staff, faculty and instructors from any campus are eligible for the discounted rate.

Important information about fees:
No program registration fees are due at the time of application. Fees are only charged to applicants who are selected for the program and choose to participate. Selected participants will be notified by mid-April 2021. Upon acceptance into the program, participants will pay fees via credit card.  No other forms of payment will be accepted. Participants with a CU affiliation will receive a discount code prior to payment. Fees must be paid in full by April 25, 2021. Participants who do not pay the fees after program notification and acceptance will forfeit their place in the cohort.

Application resources

Cohort Size

The program will accept up to 35 startup ventures in the 2021 cohort.

Why should you apply?

If you are struggling to take your startup to the next level, or simply want to grow smarter and faster, consider the Scale to $1M Startup Program. 

Successful startups do not scale alone. Do not miss an opportunity to learn and collaborate with experienced entrepreneurs, researchers, experts, and peers. 

Be more confident for your first big investor pitch.  Advance and be more qualified to participate in accelerator programs. Scale to $1 million in 2021.

Why did we create
this program?

The program is designed by Dr. Thomas Duening, our research director, who has been researching entrepreneurship and clusters for over 30 years and has been an entrepreneur for over 35 years. 

Every program instructor and mentor has extensive entrepreneurial experience. They know how to scale companies, enjoy working with startups, and look forward to supporting you over six months as your venture scales to $1 million of valuation (or more).

Moreover, we nurture and support, provide expertise and resources, create valuable networks, and provide introductions to sources of capital.

Additionally, one day we hope you will consider Colorado Springs as a future home for your startup headquarters.  

Things to know

Answers to frequently asked questions:

  • The Scale to $1M Startup Program is a fully online, virtual pre-accelerator education program
  • The valuation of your company is estimated throughout the program. We do not provide a professional valuation
  • All program activities will be related to scaling your startup
  • We will introduce you to investors at the end of the program during an online demo day
  • All interested applicants should review the program Terms of Use and Terms and Conditions prior to applying
  • Startups are not required to be legally formed or incorporated at the time of application
  • Accepted applicants can be international and do not have to currently reside in the U.S.
  • The EPIIC Venture Attractor is not a traditional accelerator
  • The Scale to $1M Startup Program is not a traditional startup boot camp program
  • We do not invest in startups
  • This is a fee-based program, without taking equity in your company
  • Mentors and instructors are not allowed to invest in your company until after the program is completed
  • Scaling to a $1 million valuation is not guaranteed. Startup founders must execute and achieve monthly progress in order to scale

scale to $1 million in 2021.

Request updates of when the next cohort application opens.