Each Torch Grant recipients has received a $50,000 non-equity grant from Venture Attractor

Altitude Movements founder, Michelle Freddolino, receiving her Torch Grant Check

2023- Altitude Movement

Altitude Movement is the first location in Colorado Springs where athletes can train parkour movement, Ninja Warrior, and obstacle course movement. From beginner to advanced training, Altitude Movement can help you. They offer classes, competitions, and have space for events.

2023- SendMyGear.com

SendMyGear is a digital logistics company offering simplified and customized shipping options for adventure sports. Streamlining the traditional shipping process, and providing unique instructions for packaging your gear, SendMyGear ensures that your high-end equipment arrives when and where you need it.

SendMyGear Founders, Ethan and Joel Thompson holding their Torch Grant

2022- Salt Athletic

We are a sports technology startup that focuses on integrating silver and carbon-based anti-smell solutions to athletic bags. Our first product, the aērcase, is a soccer cleat bag that features our patent-pending technology. We are soccer players with a passion for designing and making beautiful products that really work.

2022- LeadFoot Racing

LeadFoot Racing was created to offer the safest and most affordable way to get into nearly any racing format. To achieve this we have combined a handful of common automotive parts with a custom chassis and a motorcycle to create the greatest experience around!

Lead Foot Racing receives a Torch Grants
Defender Imports- Torch Grants

2022- Defender Imports

Defender Imports specializes in the importation and restoration of classic Land Rover Defenders. Focused on rugged aesthetics and rooted in our love for classic Land Rovers, we embody the adventure and spirit of these iconic vehicles because we know that owning a Defender isn’t just an experience, it’s a lifestyle.