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November 30th, 2023

All photos by Krys Fakir at KFE Everywhere

Spark the Springs 2023 Torch grant Recipients

2023 Torch Grant Recipients

Founded by: Joel and Ethan Thompson
Altitude Movement
Founded by Michelle Freddolino

What is Spark the Springs?

Spark the Springs is the first annual Torch Grants Celebration! Celebrating entrepreneurship in Colorado Springs and the recipients of the 2023 Torch Grants. These recipients are part of the 2nd round of Torch Grants. With these funds our goal is to stimulate entrepreneurship in Colorado Springs. Keep scrolling to learn more about the 2023 Torch Grants and the 2nd Annual Spark the Springs Celebration!

Guests at Spark the Springs enjoying the foods
Guests at Spark the Springs
Tom Duening Speaking at Spark the Springs

The Mission

Spark the Springs is an initiative of the Venture Attractor® at UCCS. The Venture Attractor® was created with the goal of driving entreprenuerial expansion in Colorado Springs. Through the development of the Scale to $1M Boot-Up Camp™, we help ventures build a solid foundation for scaling their business. Upon completition of the Boot-Up Camp ventures pitch for a chance to win a Torch Grant. After selecting the Torch Grant recipients, we bring together the community and celebrate what it means to be an entrepreneur. That is Spark the Springs.

Luke Doster on stage with guests all around at spark the springs

Our Partners

Spark the Springs wouldn’t be possible without the support of our generous partners!

All Pro Capital

Torch Grant Sponsor

Jim Waldrop, Mentor
Jim Waldrop

Torch Grant Sponsor

Event Sponsor

Event Sponsor

In-Kind Sponsor

In-Kind Sponsor