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Driving Economic Development

The Venture Attractor is a driver of economic development. We believe that long-term regional development spurs from developing and leveraging a specific industry cluster.  The sectors that make up a cluster must be based on the existing natural assets and amenities. Above all, the regional environment must be capable of supporting a particular cluster’s growth.

Examples of Industry Clusters

Consider the examples of the technology cluster in Silicon Valley or the country music cluster in Branson, Missouri.  


Begin with Innovative Startups

Undoubtedly, the development of an industry cluster begins with innovative startups. A region must focus on activities related to attracting and retaining ventures in natural sectors.  From this, a vibrant startup ecosystem will emerge and begin forming an organic cluster. 


Colorado Springs Sectors

Moreover, EPIIC is focused on developing the following complementary sectors in Colorado Springs, Colorado: 


Sports & Outdoors | Health Innovation | Human Performance 

Vibrant Startup Ecosystems

We believe that vibrant regional startup ecosystems are the key to long-lasting economic development.  Similarly, entrepreneurs create new ventures, jobs, innovations, and attract capital to regions.  Strong startup ecosystems also spur related activities such as spin-off ventures and complementary businesses. These dynamic ecosystems tend to attract expertise and human capital to regions, including the entrepreneurs themselves and their talented teams. 

Additionally, we are focused on strengthening the Colorado Springs startup ecosystem by attracting, supporting, and retaining people, resources, and ventures. 

Industry Clusters and Growth

Based on decades of research in urban economic development, the Venture Attractor emerged from the concept of intentional industry cluster growth to drive long-term regional development. 

Altogether, the Venture Attractor’s mission and activities are driven by the goal of growing a strong regional cluster in Colorado Springs, based on the under-leveraged natural amenities and assets in the sports and outdoor, health innovation, and human performance sectors.


Economic Development in Colorado Springs

The Venture Attractor is a driver of economic development in Colorado Springs.  We work collaboratively with our local resources including the city, county, chamber, economic development corporation (EDC), and utility entities to support and complement the economic development efforts in our region.  

The Attractor is focused on attracting and retaining startup headquarters to our region. 

Overall, our vision is for Colorado Springs to become the worldwide destination for sports and outdoors, health innovation, and human performance startup ventures.   


economic development research

The Venture Attractor’s efforts and activities are based on our own research (see our Research Page) and collected research from economic development experts. Below is a sample of the research for economic development professionals.

Click on each article to access:

>> Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC): ICIC Research: Economic Development, Cluster Growth & Evaluation

>> The International Economic Development Council: Economic Development Reference Guide – Focus: Clusters

>> How to Attract Startups and Tech Companies to a City Without Relying on Tax Breaks: Harvard Business Review,  May 2019

Interested in more resources? Visit our Research Page.

cluster :: Defined

Simply defined, an industry cluster is an aggregation of companies
in complementary sectors within a geographical area.
Silicon Valley is a widely-known example in the U.S.

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