Startups: Don't settle for average.

Become the Outlier.

Your job is to build a great company.

Our job is to provide support and opportunities.

Achieve milestones and persevere setbacks with a system of support.

GREAT COMPANIES do not grow by themselves.

Meet your people and find your community.

Who We Work With

Early Stage Startups

EPIIC works with high-potential early stage startups. Early stage is defined as pre-seed or seed stage startups.  Our ideal startup has a proof of concept (PoC) and/or a minimum viable product (MVP).

Level: Pre-Investment and Pre-Accelerator

We educate and mentor founders as they build high-growth ventures.  The level of support is considered pre-accelerator and pre-investment.  EPIIC resources aim to help startups build a strong foundation for scaling.  Additionally, ventures will be stronger candidates for investor pitches and accelerators.

Industry Sectors

The Venture Attractor works with startups who are creating innovations for an active and healthy human lifestyle.  See below for a list of specific sectors we accept.


How we support founders


  • Be matched with your future mentor
  • Expertise and experience
  • Connections and introductions
  • Context of high-growth startups
  • Accountability
Connections to Capital
  • Industry-specific capital opportunities
  • Invitation-only demo days
  • Venture capital firms
  • Angel groups and networks
  • Individual investors
  • Grants and non-dilutive funding sources
University Expertise
  • Connect with the University of Colorado Colorado Springs
  • Expert faculty
  • Cutting-edge labs, equipment and industry-specific departments
  • Research opportunities
  • Alumni connections
  • Professional development programs
Access to Talent
  • Meet peer founders and entrepreneurial teams
  • University students and interns
  • Recent college graduates seeking innovative careers
  • Regional expertise across complementary industries 
Industry-Specific Network
  • Connect with peers and experts in your industry
  • Industry-specific networking events
  • Major health systems
  • Sports and athlete-specific organizations
  • Outdoor industry groups
  • Wellness and fitness
  • State-of-the-art human performance connections
Resources and Support
  • Business resources and connections to support growth
  • Local and state resources
  • City and county connections
  • Tax incentives
  • Industry-specific grant programs
  • Commercial real estate
  • Community marketing and networking 
  • Legal recommendations (business and immigration)

Industries we target

We believe in a cluster-based approach to supporting startup ventures.

EPIIC is laser-focused on working with startups that focus on improving human health and active lifestyles.

Our target sectors include:


Sports and Outdoors

Includes gear and equipment, apparel, technology, e-sports, spectator experience, intelligent marketing, and happier lifestyles.

Health Innovation

Includes health technologies, direct care, e-health, inovative product, information sharing, and medical devices.

Human Performance

Includes technologies, rapid information and/or data analytics, nutrition, supplements, athletic training methods, testing, fitness, and exercise innovations.

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